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GD Grand Canyon | Alaska | China | Costa Rica

Helecopter Tour of the Grand Canyon (June 2016)

Bears in Helecopter -- 2016-06-11
We're in and ready to go

Baby Bear on Front -- 2016-06-11
We can go if we can get him off the front

Belinda and Cuddle bear -- 2016-06-11
The view from here is pretty good

Ugly Bear joins in -- 2016-06-11
Ugly bear joins Cuddle bears on the ledge

Belinda in the boat -- 2016-06-11
The tour includes a boat ride down the Colorado

Ouch -- 2016-06-11
Some of these bushes are sticky

Don't step back -- 2016-06-11
It's about 3,000 ft. down.
Don't let go of us!

Back in my natural habitat -- 2016-06-11
Buddy bear can find trash cans anywhere we go!

Safe Again -- 2016-06-11
I fell safer when Kathy's holding us.